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Terms and Conditions

Please take the time to read the following - we have tried to keep it as simple as possible. By using the following on-line ordering system, you are bound to the following Terms and Conditions:

1. Copyright

The Quilting Bug - Copyright 2003-2013, The Quilting Bug, 53 Dreyersdal Road
Bergvliet 7945, Western Cape, South Africa.

fipsShop - Copyright by fipsASP (Johann Piber) /

2. Intellectual Property Rights

The Quilting Bug and The Quilting Bug logo, all graphics, text and databases are the intellectual properties of Mandy Rohland.

fipsShop and all associated graphics, design, text, databases etc., are the intellectual property rights of fipsASP and bound by their own rights.

3. Disclaimer

Neither The Quilting Bug, nor any of its representatives are liable for any loss or damage through the use of this shopping facility and can not guarantee that the service will be free of service interruptions or errors.

Colours often vary from computer to computer - The Quilting Bug can not be held liable for any colour discrepancies.

Discrepancies in stock quantities may arise due to items puchased in our physical shop - we wil endeavour to contact the purchaser as soon as possible to resolve such a conflict.

4. Costs

The price of items are as displayed.

Special care should be taken when ordering Fabric: A minimum order of 1x Thin Quarter (i.e. 25cm ) is required. Prices are quoted per Thin Quarter - multiply by four (4) to calculate the price per metre. Should you wish to purchase a metre of fabric, you would order 4x Thin Quarters - your fabric will then be shipped as one continuous metre.

Shipping is based on Domestic Shipping within the boundaries of South Africa, and includes packaging costs. Ad hoc quotes for International orders will be provided.

The Quilting Bug reserves the right to adjust the shipping cost at any time after the submission of an order, dependent on speed services requests and/or additional cost due to bulky items.

No refunds will be given - a credit voucher will be issued at the discretion of The Quilting Bug.

4. VAT

The Quilting Bug is not VAT registered and therefore does not charge VAT.

5. Deliveries

Delivery is via normal SAPO mail and subject to SAPO delivery times.

5. Payment

Payments can be made directly into The Quilting Bug account. PLEASE NOTE THAT OUR BANKING DETAILS HAVE CHANGED AND THAT YOU WILL NEED TO UPDATE YOUR BANK BENEFICIARY DETAILS. Please provide a reference or an emailed proof of payment. Products will only be shipped after payment has been verified. Fabric will only be cut after payment.

Due to changes in banking policy, we can not accept credit card transactions unless the card is produced in person.

6. Privacy agreement

The Quilting Bug reserves the right to email clients unless indicated otherwise. The Quilting Bug does not sell or provide email addresses to any marketing companies.


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